A Montreal Made App To Find The Closest SAQ Near You In The City

Photo cred - Steve Brandon

Here's a situation every Montrealer finds themselves in on the regular:

It's 8pm on a Friday, you have soft-plans to attend several parties, but before you do anything, you need to acquire some form of liquor, lest your liver be barren at the predrink. In a strange area between two boroughs, you wonder to yourself "is the closest SAQ west or east of here...does either stay open this late on a Friday? Should I just haul it to an SAQ Express?"

All of everyone's weekly (daily?) SAQ-related woes are now over, thanks to OpenSAQ, a Montreal-made app which finds all of the nearest SAQ stores on a map with the opening hours all included.

With but a tap, the app will open up a map displaying the five nearest SAQ stores. The amount of time you have until the closest store closes is right at the forefront of info (which is what you need to know sometimes), and you can simply scroll through the list to get the phone numbers and store hours of all of the nearest SAQs.

Ready to get all iPhone owners drinking, OpenSAQ is available on the iTunes App Store. The Android app is on its way, and you can be the first to know when it's ready by heading to OpenSAQ's homepage here.

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