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A Montreal-Made Film All About Losing Your Virginity In High School

Support some home-grown talent.
A Montreal-Made Film All About Losing Your Virginity In High School

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Three Montreal students have banded together to chase after a dream. Young artists Jacob Green, Zion Lipstein–Saffer, and Mitch Baxter have taken their talents and decided to put them towards an ambitious short film project.

The film will be titled “(Just Another Movie About) Trying To Lose Your Virginity In High School” or as they comically ‘shortened’ it to JAMATTLYVIHS. The film is going to show just what the title suggests! A movie about a boy who is desperate to loose his virginity and the struggles he faces when it turns out to not be as easy as he thought.

The boys describe the script as a “dramatic, darkly comedic, romantic coming-of-age short film.” They claim their film isn't another "frat boys" lament type of movies and that they're really interested in creating something original. From what we watched on Saffer’s Vimeo page, this group has a lot of promise and style. If you're into fresh filmmaking then we suggest you check out some of his work.

If you’re interested in learning more about the film or helping out their funding (they are students after all), then go on over to their kickstarter page! Why not give a hand to some up and coming Montreal artists. They have an eloquent video explanation of their passion for the project that you should watch and we're sure you're going to love.

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