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A Montreal Made Hot Sauce You May Give Up Sriracha For

Oro Rojo's spice is so hot and nice.

Photo cred - Oro Rojo

More than a few foods are synonymous with the city of Montreal. We got bagels, smoked meat, poutine, and even (to a lesser degree) Portuguese chicken under our belts, and recently even our own cola. What Montreal doesn't have is its own signature hot sauce, a spicy condiment of sriracha-level popularity made in the city and loved by all. Oro Rojo hopes to be that hot sauce.

Concocted in Montreal, Oro Rojo is actually a hot sauce with Chilean roots. Oro Rojo's creators, Chilean themselves, wanted to make a hot sauce like they had as kids, and so set out to do so. After a trip to Chile, Oro Rojo was the result, an all natural hot sauce made in Montreal with zero preservatives.

Made with Chilean hot peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, onions and lemon juice, Oro Rojo is apparently so good "you will want to put [it] on errthing." Still in its infancy, Oro Rojo currently has a kickstarter going for funding, as it hopes to be a global brand and found everything in Montreal.

As of now, Oro Rojo says it is "in talks" with some of high profile Montreal restaurants, meaning you may find the hot sauce in some of your favourite eateries (on the side and in dishes) sooner rather than later. An official date on the creation of the first commercial batch has yet to be released, though a March 2015 date is predicted

Having a Montreal-made hot sauce is pretty cool, and if you really want to get behind the project, head over to the kickstarter to help out. Anyone who donates gets some sweet perks, aside from the cred of being one of the first people to try the city's newest hot sauce on the block.

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