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A Montreal Map Showing All the Restaurants With Hygiene Infractions

We all know that Montreal is essentially the foodie capital of Canada. 

Seriously, we have far too many restos and pubs to choose from. For the whole population of Montreal, there is one restaurant for every six people (roughly).

Well, if you've ever had a hard time choosing what fabulous joint to get your eat on, I'm about to make it so much easier for you!

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This map shows every Montreal restaurant that has ever incurred an infraction from the good old food inspector.... but be warned, it is a little startling and quite overwhelming. 

The interactive restaurant map shows you exactly which place has been reported for bad hygiene, complete with amounts and severity of the fine received. 

The map details infractions ranging from $250-$3,000! The best part of this map is that you can layer it into your own Google Maps app directly on your phone, and pull it up for reference whenever you're out for a bite!

Check it out! Here are just some of the marked places in the Mile-End neighbourhood.

Via Google Maps

If anything, this could make it a little bit easier to decide on where to go out and eat. It could also ruin your opinions on your favourite place, so be careful. Sometimes it's not the best thing to get what you asked for. 

Still, a map like this is extremely valuable for any Montreal local or the many tourists coming through town with a thirst for local cuisine... 

...Cause let's face it, even though there is a staggering amount of infractions on Montreal restos, we're still the foodie leaders of Canada!

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