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A Montreal Map Showing You Where All The Criminals Come From In The City

If you didn't know now you know.
A Montreal Map Showing You Where All The Criminals Come From In The City

Photo cred - truvativ

Mapping out crime in a city can be pretty useful, not that criminal acts can't happen everywhere, but it does point out which areas are more "dangerous," and, more importantly, which areas have at-risk citizens who are likelier to become involved with criminal activity. La Presse created a map more useful to the latter task, telling you which borough of Montreal detained criminals in Quebec hail from.

Taking numbers from Bordeaux Prison, Rivière-des-Prairie Institution, and Centre de Detention Tanguay, the map breaks up the city by borough, colouring each section of the city based on how many detained criminals used to call the 'hood home. Not solely focused on the Island of Montreal, the map also extends beyond the city's official borders.

A handy tool to learn about the grittier side if your neighborhood, you can punch in your postal code to find the criminal-figures of your borough, or just click on the map to find out. Each borough designation tells you the total number of detained criminals, and which prison they now reside within. Note that Tanguay is a women's correctional facility.

Three Montreal boroughs stand out from the rest, and not in a good way, being red (meaning more detained criminals) as opposed to the green and yellow littered around the rest of the island. According to La Presse, these are the three Montreal boroughs with the highest amount of detained criminals:

  1. Montréal-Nord: 26 (16-Bordeaux, 6-RDP, 4-Tanguay)
  2. Saint-Michel: 25 (14-Bordeaux, 5-RDP, 1-Tanguay)
  3. Hochelaga: 24 (17-Bordeaux, 5-RDP, 2-Tanguay)

See how your 'hood stacks up in the criminal department by checking out the map here.

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