A Montreal Map That Shows All Of The City's Speed Traps

Now you know where not to drive fast.
A Montreal Map That Shows All Of The City's Speed Traps

Forget about Tiesto’s “Run them red lights” this summer. When you’re coming back home on off-peak hours, one can assume that zooming through deserted streets = a safe premise for speeding / running red lights. Wrongo!

Are you one of the many Montrealers who received a heavy fine in the mail with no clue as to why?

Well just because you don't see the police doesn't mean they can't see you.There are cameras and fixed photo/mobile radars planted throughout the city.  

These radar traps are the new & effective way to enforce speed limits in certain accident prone areas. The downfall:  you can't get off with a warning, and girls, the crying bit can't save you.

Essentially, the cameras snap a picture of your liscese plate and issues a ticket to your mailing address. Fines for running a red light are $154, and speeding tickets reach as high as $1,255. 

You can lose demerit points depending on the severity of the infraction determined by the radars. BUT each case is reviewed by the Sûreté du Québec police force before any tickets are sent out.

According to the West Island Gazette, on highway 20 in Pincourt last year, this photo radar caught 8,118 drivers exceeding the area’s 70 km/h speed limit, reeking in a total of $950,150 in fines.

It's definitely key to know where exactly these radar traps are located especially when driving home from downtown, so here they are:

On Island

Off Island

Download the TrapsterApp.  This free app provides an interactive map with all the information you need to know concerning LIVE police, known enforcement points (speed traps) and most importantly the location of all photo/camera radars. The worldwide community of over 20 million drivers works together to alert you of dangerous obstacles that pop up during your daily commute.

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