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A Montreal Map To Help You Find The Perfect Place To Live In The City

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A Montreal Map To Help You Find The Perfect Place To Live In The City

Looking online for a new house or apartment can be a bit daunting. With Cragislist, Kijiji, Padmapper, and similar sites, there are almost too many options. Narrow down your search with the best map to find a place to live in Montreal,

Unlike most other real estate-finding sites, Navut is incredibly intuitive. A big map of Montreal is right there for you, and once you've put in your personal housing specifications (rent, size, etc.), vibrant highlights of areas that fit your needs will pop up on screen.

Click on a bright green neighborhood, and Navut will take you to an online profile filled with local housing listings.

Padmapper basically does the same thing, but what sets Navut apart is the larger amount of filters and preferences you can use to narrow in on your ideal neighborhood and home. Search filters include:

  • Housing (price range, bedrooms, sale/rent)
  • Schools (public/private, Franch/English, level)
  • Transportation (how close you are to downtown, nearby amenities, public transit)
  • Population + Characteristics (age demographics, population density, marital status ;) )

Summer sublet season is nearly here, students need to figure out where they're gonna live next school year, and most leases end come July, so get a head start and use Navut to find your latest and greatest Montreal home.

Will you use Navut to find a new place to live?

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