A Montreal Map To Help You Locate All Of The City's Public Summer Gardens

Gardens are more abundant in Montreal than you think, and one handy website lets you find all of the city's public gardens, meaning green-spots you can actually grab veggies from to take home. Plantcatching.com is the plant-finding site in question, bringing the gardeners (both pro and novice) of Montreal together in a mutually beneficial sharing network.

On Plantcatching, after inputting your area (Montreal, duh) you'll find a map with a bunch of different symbols on it. Just so you're full prep'd to get plant-sharing, here's what each icon means:

  • Green leaves mean locations where plants, seeds, surplus produce, gardening materials, and fruits + veggies are being shared by your fellow gardening Montrealers, at either a public space of their personal home/establishment.
  • Small red leaves are plant requests/those seeking out a specific type of flora, which you can also make once registered
  • Blue leaves are upcoming community events.

To make Plantcatching a success, you have to give us as much as you take. A little hard for some of us without a green thumb, but you can always ask the folks you're picking up from to give you some tips.  Get planting, eating more greens, and head to Plantcatching.com. 

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