A Montreal Made Movie Everyone Should Watch That Was Filmed In Only 24 Hours

Can a film be made in only 24 hours? Yes, yes it can, as many actors and filmmakers prove every year during the 24 Hour Film Race. An international competition, the contest tasks participants with creating a 4 minute film based on certain prompts. Only one team from Montreal made it to the final 24 films, and they need your help to sweep the competitions.

Montreal's entry into the 24 Hour Film Race is "Who Lives There" written and directed by Luc Sirois. Every film in the competition is given a theme, action, and prop the filmmakers must utilize in their production. The Montreal team received an ultimatum, biting into something, and a broom as their prompts, with the film below the creative resultant.

You, the viewer, can help out "Who Lives There" by watching the film (obviously) and then voting for it as your favourite, to help the film win the Audience Award. Top prizes are chosen by judges, so this is your chance to help out, and you can vote here. Be sure to share around as well!

Without further ado, here is the Montreal entry into the 24 Hour Film Race, "Who Lives There"


Director: Luc Sirois

Cast: Tamir Kapelian, Nathalie Niesing, Adam Reid, Leigh Ann Taylor

Writers: Nelson Harvey & Luc Sirois

Director of Photography: Andre Peron

Camera: Noemie Caplette

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