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The “Official Montreal Soundtrack" For Sh*t That Will Only Happen In The City

Photo cred - Michael Langille

Montreal, as we're sure you are well aware, is a unique city like no other. From summer to winter, there are certain things that would only happen here, and we're not just talking about festivals and ice storms. "Montreal moments" are a real thing, those experiences that can only happen in this crazy-beautiful city, and we thought there should be a soundtrack to go along with them.

Inspired by specific pieces of Montreal's history along, unique features of the city, and our own experiences living here, we've created a playlist of ten songs for things that would only happen in Montreal. Some songs are direct odes the city by Montreal artists we simply had to include, others are a bit more creative in their justifications.

We've outlined why we chose the songs we did below, and don't think this list is comprehensive. The following ten are just the tracks we felt reflect Montreal, and we're more than happy to hear what you'd include on your "Montreal playlist" too. See what songs we chose, and give a listen, below.

  • Days Like These, which has all the energy of days spent chilling in the park at Tams.
  • Keep The Car Running, so you can always remember to wear fancy clothing in case a surprise Arcade Fire concert pops up.
  • For Our Elegant Caste, for Friday nights when you can't decide whether to go out or stay in...even though you always go out.
  • Hallelujah, to add some old school flavour, or when you're praising your breakfast at Bagels Etc. (supposedly Cohen's favourite spot)
  • Montréal $ud, because Franglish is the city's native tongue
  • Give Peace A Chance, a living memory of the Lennon-Ono bed-in.
  • Un été à Montréal, to remember the magic that is summer in the city.
  • Ice Ice Baby, which basically sums up all of winter.
  • Montreal (The Weeknd), for when you're a little love-lost.
  • Montréal (Ariane Moffat), the perfect summation of the feeling you get when you return to the city you love.

Now listen up to see what we mean.