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This Montreal Rosemont Duplex Does Things A Little Differently

The 8th Avenue home by Naturehumaine.
This Montreal Rosemont Duplex Does Things A Little Differently

A two storey duplex in Rosemont got a major makeover by architectural group Naturehumaine, but to look at the front of the house, you would never be able to tell. A peek inside or at the rear of the "8th Avenue" house tells a very different story.

The architectural transformation was largely focused on changing the interior of the house and adding an 430 sqft addition at the back, with almost no changes added to the front.

Brightly coloured with accentuated angles, the house's rear extension was built to contrast the singularly coloured, and rather plain, street-facing front side.

Inside, renovations focused on emphasizing natural beauty. A huge skylight and glass floor were added to the center of the house to allow more natural sunlight to illuminate the home, while white walls and wooden panels add to the sleekly natural vibe.

See inside Naturehumaine's 8th Avenue through the photos below.

The front and original back

The super-mod renovated rear

And the naturally bright interior

With glass floors!

 Would you live in the 8th Avenue house?

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