A Montreal Saint-Henri Loft That Will Blow Your Mind And Make You Want The Live There Very Very Badly

Photo cred - KANVA Architecture

Simple, elegant, chic, those are the words we wish described our apartments or living spaces in Montreal, but unfortunately, that's far from the case for most of us. The dream would be a reality if you were living in Kanva Architecture's U110 residence in St. Henri, which is one of the best examples of a trendy modern living space Montreal has to offer.

A two-storey residential loft housed within an old-school industrial building in St. Henri, U110 uses a variety of materials to create a well-blended aesthetic effect. Wood panels line the ceiling for a rustic vibe, contrasted by the bright and shiny kitchen and ceilings found on the second floor, which all combine seamlessly.

Tying the apartment together is an open staircase made of metal and glass, which definitely reflects the industrial origins of the space while emitting an air of modernity. The same can be said of the metal-clad fireplace in the living room, which simultaneously provides a homey atmosphere and a modern flair.

The kitchen has us most jealous we don't live in the U110 loft. Not only does it look incredibly spacious and well lit, but the line of bar stools looks perfect for a cocktail party, or entertaining in general.

Take a peek inside U110, the apartment you wished you lived in, through the photos below, courtesy of KANVA Architecture.

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