A Montreal Warehouse That Has Become The Most Magnificent Of Homes

What an artist can do with a living space.
A Montreal Warehouse That Has Become The Most Magnificent Of Homes

Photo cred - DecorMag

Home owners should really be more hands on with any reconfiguration of their living space. If not, a zany architect/designer could transform your home into an uninviting mess of a place. One Montreal artist made sure that didn't happen to her, and remade a bland warehouse in the city into the ideal home to work, live, and play.

Much of the original structure of the once-warehouse was left intact, with many of the structures native materials and installations, like the concrete flooring, remaining. This was a conscious decision on the part of the artist-homeowner, who wanted to retain the building's history and ensure some neutral elements were still within the home.

But while the structure itself changed little, the interior was injected with mass amounts of vibrancy thanks to the converted interior. The furniture, plants, and mix of eclectic objects that makeup the inside of the home were masterfully chosen, with an eye for aesthetics only an artist can employ.

Functioning has a workplace and a home for the artist and her young daughter, this Montreal home definitely functions as both, with an inherent air of professionalism and playfulness. Take a look inside yourself through the photos below, courtesy of Angus McRitchie of DecorMag.

Photo cred – Dwell

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