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A Montreal Website That Allows You To Rank Any Landlord And Apartment In The City

Make sure your new lease is not a deal with the devil.
A Montreal Website That Allows You To Rank Any Landlord And Apartment In The City

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We've all dealt with a shitty landlord at one point or another while renting an apartment in Montreal. The possibilities for a bad landlord are endless:

Maybe they're incredibly foreign, and speak little to no French/English, thus making getting your toilet fixed a whole process. Maybe they hate all noise, and threaten to call the cops when you play some tunes past 9pm. Maybe they're just a straight up asshole and just live to make your life miserable.

Whatever the reason, never get stuck with another crappy landlord with this handy website: is a community-based website all about sharing unbiased information regarding properties and the people who own them. We all know how nice landlords try to make themselves and they're property seem when you're checking it out, but that can drastically change once you sign the lease.

Help out your fellow citizens and head to and give the real lowdown on your previous apartment. If you're skeptical about a place, just plug in the address and see what past tenants had to say. Perfect for those a little wary about where they might be moving to come July 1st.

Don't let another Montrealer go through a winter without a working heater (the inspiration for this website btw) and head to Check out their FB page and Twitter account too.

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