A Montreal Website Where Students Can Buy Cheap University Text Books

Photo cred - namasteh

A new year means a new semester for students, which also means a new list of books to buy, and by consequence,  a pretty hefty bill at the bookstore. Even when used editions are available, Montreal universities tend to charge a few pretty pennies for required texts, which is why MesLivres, a book-buying and selling service for students, was made.

Created to promote book sharing, and give a financial break to students, MesLivres lets you post a book from any university faculty and sell it to another students, or on the flipside, you can ask for a needed text. Through the online sharing network, students can buy textbooks from each other, at a fairer price than one would probably get at the bookstore.

Conveniently seperated by college/university, you can find the books you need pretty easily, as literary options are then further broken down by faculty. Tons of educational institutions are included on the site's lineup, including many secondary schools in and around Montreal.

While the site may be in French, English books are welcome to be posted and sold. A bilingual version of the site is being workout out now, but 'til then, French and English speaking students alike are welcome to use MesLivres to get a better deal on books this semester. Check out MesLivres here.

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