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A Montreal Woman Keeps Violently Assaulting People On The STM And Police Are Having No Luck Finding Her (Video)

She's still at large and considered extremely dangerous.
A Montreal Woman Keeps Violently Assaulting People On The STM And Police Are Having No Luck Finding Her (Video)

Montreal's metro system can have its ups and downs. Although it can be a great way to travel across the city, you'll sometimes encounter interesting characters while on your trip that can make your commute a little more difficult and a lot more uncomfortable.

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That's exactly what's been happening this Summer for some people who have been taking the metro's green line. Unsuspecting commuters would be met by a woman that would come up behind them without warning and begin shaking their entire body violently. Once the shocked and confused person reacted, she would take the opportunity to begin beating them. This crime happened multiple times, to different people each time. 

Not only did this occur multiple times on the metro, but she started taking her harmful activity to the streets of Montreal, targeting victims along Notre-Dame-de-Grace Avenue. 

The woman has now been MIA for a little while, and while you'd probably think that was a good thing since she's no longer injuring everyone she finds, police are now having quite a bit of trouble trying to find her.

The attacks began all the way back in May of this year, and the only identification the SPVM has of the woman is video footage of her spitting on multiple benches in a Montreal metro station as she walks next to the tracks. 

Police are telling STM users to keep an eye out for the woman, who's about 5'5" with black hair and brown eyes. If you do happen to see someone that you think is her, your best option is to call the police and then get out of the area ASAP. You seriously don't want to be the next person she decides to target.


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