A Montrealer Fell In Love With A Sunny Fall Day In The City, What Happened Next Is Visually Stunning

Take in the beauty of fall in Montreal before another bout of winter snow and ice hits the city, which really doesn't give you much time. A stroll up Mont-Royal or the park to enjoy the trees and colours is still do-able, for now, but rather than waste a full day, cut to the chase and take in all of the season's magic through a drone video of Montreal.

The video begins in the Mile End, whizzing by the startup buildings/artist lofts, then taking to the nearby tracks before taking to the skies and gazing upon all of Montreal. From there, the drone video, by Sofiane Belaid, meanders all around Montreal, showcasing the vibrant colours of the city in Autumn.

Check out the video, titled "Drone - Par une journée d'automne à Montréal" by Sofiane Belaid below.


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