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A Mysterious Unidentified "Green Orb" Appeared Over Montreal On Live TV Thursday Night

We're not saying it's Aliens.. But it's Aliens.
A Mysterious Unidentified "Green Orb" Appeared Over Montreal On Live TV Thursday Night

Last night, during your run of the mill weather forecast on TVA news, a mysterious green orb was seen in the skies of Montreal. This unidentified flying object, or UFO, as the kids are calling it these days, immediately baffled viewers, and as is always the case when people see aerial orbs of light of unknown origin, made them think about aliens.

Filmed live at 10:37pm, the flying green ball can be seen directly behind Colette Provencher's head, descending from the right to the left, glowing green, then orange, then disappearing altogether. You can see for yourself here, with the UFO making its appearance at 00:07.

Now, the random flying ball of green light could have been a firework, or a drone, or, you know, an alien. Hey, we're just saying what y'all are thinking. The likelihood of the mystery orb actually being an alien are slim to none, but we can dream, hope, and pray to be the first person to meet this E.T. How amazing would it be to fly your bicycle around the city?

That is, of course, assuming the alien is friendly like E.T., and not a killing machine like the xenomorphs from Alien. Let's fly in Sigourney Weaver in case of the latter.

And yeah, we realize this probably isn't an alien, but don't kill our buzz. Sometimes its more fun to live in a fantasy world of your own creation. Reality bites anyway.

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