A Naked Man Stole And Crashed A Canada Post Truck In A Crazy Multi-Vehicle Accident

Sometimes you just can't wait to have that package delivered.
A Naked Man Stole And Crashed A Canada Post Truck In A Crazy Multi-Vehicle Accident

Most of us can say that sometimes you just get frustrated with package delivery services. The list is endless: having something delivered be damaged, waiting all day for a delivery just for it to not come, having no idea where your order is because your tracking number doesn't work, etc. It makes you want to just deliver your package yourself to avoid all the frustration and confusion. 

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Well, it's possible that someone did just that. Yesterday evening a Calgary man driving a Canada Post truck along a multi-vehicle highway crashed into several cars before "parking" the truck and heading into a convenience store. Not to mention the man was completely naked during this whole fiasco.

Can you imagine on your evening commute home witnessing an utterly naked man erratically driving a Canada Post truck down the highway? Needless to say, this is probably in the books for most confusing situation. 

No one really knows who this man is, why he chose to wear his birthday suit and whether or not he works for Canada Post or is just some guy that was able to high-jack a delivery truck. He was arrested immediately after leaving the convenience store, so the air should be cleared pretty soon on this one-of-a-kind event. 

It's safe to say most of us aren't that willing to take matters into our own hands. Let's just hope next time you get a delivery from Canada Post it's from a more appropriately dressed driver. 


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