A Bracelet That Tells You How Drunk You Are

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A Bracelet That Tells You How Drunk You Are

Sometimes you get too drunk, like super white girl shwastey pants drunk, and you never even saw it coming. One minute you're fine, and a PBR tall boy later, you're over a toilet wondering where the last 3 hours went. A wristband that embodies functional fashion may be the answer, and make sure you, or anyone you're with, never gets too wasted ever again.

Called Vive, the wristband is able to document a person's dehydration + drunk levels through their skin. Give it a squeeze and if it responds, keep on partying. If not, you may already be to far gone.

Compatible with social media, you can actually link your Vive together with your friends, letting everyone know how the others are doing on the scale of tipsy to blackout. If you get to the point of too far gone, Vive will actually let your friends know, so they can respond in kind.

Vive is pretty perfect for that friend who always seems to get wasted and lost at every concert or house party (we all have one) or for when you need to know if you should really let your friend go home with that questionably hot person, as they may regret it the next day. On a more serious note, the wristband also has the potential to curb the likelihood of sexual assault.

Check out the Vive promo video for a visual on how it works below.

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