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A New Death-Defying Suspension Bridge Just Opened At The Peak Of This Canadian Mountain

For thrill-seekers only
A New Death-Defying Suspension Bridge Just Opened At The Peak Of This Canadian Mountain

The vast Canadian landscape abounds in summer activities. A simple day trip from one of the country's major population centres can offer Canadians sublime views and experiences that are the envy of the world.

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Humans should generally leave natural beauty untouched. We have a tendency to ruin and pollute some of the most stunning destinations on the planet,

But sometimes, just sometimes, human ingenuity can transform a simple natural formation into an unforgettable experience.

That's what happened on Whistler Mountain in the Garibaldi Provincial Park of British Columbia, where the Whistler Blackcomb resort just opened a one hundred and thirty metre-long suspension bridge from the mountain peak. 

The bridge passes over the Whistler Bowl, a particularly steep section of the mountain. Composed entirely of thin metal grates, the almost transparent structure offers visitors a heart-pounding flight above snow-covered, rocky cliffs and panoramic views of a mountain valley far below.

The suspension bridge is accessible by both hiking trails and a chair lift, but is definitely not for those whose heart are susceptible to high anxiety situations.

Tickets to visit the suspension bridge as well as other other attraction on the mountain go for as little as sixty dollars for adults and thirty dollars for children.

Check out the resort website for more photos of the bridge and ticket information.


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