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A New Drake Documentary Just Appeared On Netflix Canada And People Are Shocked

The unauthorized documentary dropped yesterday.
A New Drake Documentary Just Appeared On Netflix Canada And People Are Shocked

Netflix began distributing a documentary yesterday called, "Drake: Rewriting the Rules," and it's all about the Canadian rapper's rise to worldwide stardom.

The documentary covers his life as a child actor and follows his transition into a global musical career.

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TL;DR Netflix released an "unauthorized documentary" yesterday about Canadian child star and rapper, Drake and his rise to global stardom.

Drake documentary on Netflix is lit

January 16, 2019

The British film is an unauthorized documentary about the Canadian's life in the spotlight, from acting on Degrassi to releasing his first mixtape. 

And apparently, few people knew this doc was coming. 

so you’re telling me... there’s a drake documentary on netflix

January 16, 2019

Fans on Twitter were shook to realize this was released without any fanfare or publicity.

Clearly, everyone is just as confused and surprised as we were to see the film up on Netflix yesterday.

There are some of you out there who say you’re fans but don’t even know Drake has a documentary on Netflix

January 16, 2019

The film seems to be largely career-focused and centres around the positive and unique impact growing up on Degrassi and in Toronto had on Drake's musical career.

There's a lot of insight into his professional life, but not much information on his personal life, especially because Drake himself is not interviewed in the film.

The film would likely look and feel a lot different if the rapper was involved in the production process.

If drake drop a documentary I know it’ll be amazing

January 13, 2019

Much of the rest of the conversation on Twitter relates the Drake doc to the recent R. Kelly production.

There's nothing to insinuate any questionable behaviour on Drake's part based on this documentary since it rarely touches on his romantic life.

Mark my words 15 years from now we will have the 6god documentary that will make drake look worse then R Kelly

January 15, 2019

I feel like after this R. Kelly documentary, we need to start looking into Drake too 👀👀👀

January 15, 2019

These comments belong to those that made them, we certainly have no stake in alleging this kind of behaviour and involving Drake in any way.

It seems a little unfair to lump the two rappers together, but I'm certainly no Drake expert so I will hold any further comments.

The documentary on Netflix will undoubtedly intrigue thousands of people across Canada.

Watch it here!

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