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A New "Game" Pub Is Opening Downtown Montreal

Ping-Pong, giant Jenga, mini-putt, Monopoly, and more!
A New "Game" Pub Is Opening Downtown Montreal

There's nothing quite like drinking and playing games. Like peanut butter and jelly these two activities seem to fit together seamlessly. Like they are made for one another.

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A new pub just opened in the heart of Montreal on busy Crescent Street, and they have branded themselves as a "playground for adults". When you take a look inside, you can easily see how that's most definitely true.

Via DragonAndDame

First, let's start by checking out the food and drinks. In the true pub spirit, they have all the usual suspects available. Burgers, wings, wraps, fries, poutine, but prepared with a twist. Think more chic bistro, rather than Quebec greasy spoon. 

The best part: they also do brunch!

Via DragonAndDame

Now once you're inside, you can have access to all the games, which don't cost any extra to play and are available to everyone. They have giant Jenga, monopoly, ping pong, pool, catan and so much more. And like a proper pub, a big screen TV’s to catch all the live matches happening this summer.

Also, they will be regularly hosting ping pong and other events like the one below all summer!

Via DragonAndDame

Dragon & Dame is also the home of the Carlsberg Garden Terrace “Probably the Best Terrace in the World”.  And the terrasse will officially be opening on Tuesday, June 12th.

This green-turf terrace will feature an outdoor Carlsberg draught station, ring-toss, giant Jenga, mini-putt and lots more games, and of course - food.

For more information and photos check out their official Facebook page HERE

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