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A New Poll Proves Canada Is More Sick And Tired Of Justin Trudeau Than Ever Before

What could this mean for the 2019 election?
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A New Poll Proves Canada Is More Sick And Tired Of Justin Trudeau Than Ever Before

Justin Trudeau's tenure as prime minister of Canada has been marked by both great accomplishment and great controversy.

Among the achievements of his Liberal majority government, for example, is the legalization of recreational marijuana. In October, Canada became only the second country and first major economy to make the popular drug accessible to all (severe product shortages notwithstanding).

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TL;DR A new poll from the Angus Reid Institute shows Trudeau's approval rating at an all-time low.

But despite such policies, Trudeau himself has become a figure of mixed popularity. Adored by people across the world (especially in contrast to Trump), the Canadian prime minister often provokes fierce debate at home.

A new poll confirms Canadians' divided opinions about Trudeau.According to the Angus Reid Institute, his approval rating has dropped to a record low. A mere 35% of respondants expressed satisfaction with the prime minister's performance, compared with 58% who disapprove.

The poll is conducted annually, which could mean that it does not reflect even more severe dips in popularity in the intervening months. 

But this is the most concrete indication so far that Trudeau has become an unpopular figure.

This unpopularity, however, does not seem to have greatly affected the Liberals' prospects for the 2019 Canadian federal election

Recent projections show the party retaining, even growing, its majority government. Such predictions speak less to the popularity of Trudeau himself than to the performance of the party as a whole and the perceived lack of a viable alternative.

The federal Conservatives and NDP have yet to land on a decisive, rallying message to carry them through the 2019 campaign season. And, as the CBC reports, Canadian history shows that parties that poll in the majority in the year before an election rarely fail to meet expectations.

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As we have previously reported, the discrepency between the PM's fall in popularity and the stability of the Liberal government could mean that Trudeau will become a more divisive topic than ever in 2019.

Canada is in for a raucous election year.

Stay tuned.

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