A Photo Has Leaked Showing Meghan Markle And Prince Harry's Secret Home And It's Surprisingly Normal

It gives us a sense of the couple's private life.
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A Photo Has Leaked Showing Meghan Markle And Prince Harry's Secret Home And It's Surprisingly Normal

The Duchess of Sussex (formerly Meghan Markle) has shaken the British (and Canadian!) royal family since her marriage to Prince Harry.

From subtly flaunting royal fashion protocol to impressing (even annoying) her family members with her work ethic, the new Duchess has injected some energy into the famously conservative Windsor family. Maybe it's her North American sensibilities. 

So it's not surprising that Markle also seems to have made her mark when it comes to the couple's real estate investments.

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TL;DR The Sun has published a leaked photo of Meghan and Harry's countryside home and it is refreshingly simple.

A photo leaked to the Sun offers the first glimpse of the couple's life beyond the trappings of the official royal residences at Kensington Palace. This is Meghan and Harry's countryside escape:

Royal excl: first picture of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s Cotswold pad. It’s a gorgeous £2.5million Grade II listed farmhouse and barn conversion. pic.twitter.com/IL11GMdcVC

January 9, 2019

The simple structure is refreshing in its plainness, especially in contrast to Kensington:

🎄🌟 pic.twitter.com/Y9DPAAqHb0

December 15, 2018

According to the Sun, the property includes a modest farmhouse and renovated barn, presumably what is pictured above. 

Despite its appearance, however, the home is still £2.5 million, or about $4,228,190 (CAD).

Away from the protocol and weight of history associated with the lofty architecture of royal residences, this home appears to be a space where the couple can relax in isolation.

This may be the closest Meghan and Harry get to normality (though $4,228,190 is hardly "normal").

The farm, located in the Cotswold area of Oxfordshire in England, will likely be a refuge for the couple as they head into trying times.

Amid rumours that Meghan does not get along with the Duchess of Cambridge (formerly Kate Middleton), she and Harry have reportedly decided to quit their Kensington Palace residence.

@kensingtonroyalembedded via  

The couple will also welcome their first child this year. Perhaps this Cotswold home will be a place for the new family to bond outside the critical gaze of invasive reporters.

Stay tuned.

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