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A Picturesque Montreal Home That Does So Much With So Little

The inside is even nicer.
A Picturesque Montreal Home That Does So Much With So Little

With the right strategy, you can do a lot with a finite amount of space. That goes double for a living space, as architect Anik Peloquin proves in this spectacular home.

Lacking a large amount of building space, the home needed to provide for its residents without feeling cramped. A desire to mix the urban and natural setting of the lot (the home overlooks Rivière des Prairie) was also a mandate, adding another layer of complexity to the design.

But by using classic urban elements seen throughout Montreal (like red bricks) and an open-concept layout that utilizes natural light, the home was able to become exactly what the residents desired. Namely, a cozy, yet spacious) house that didn't overtake the lot, resulting in an abundance of green space.

From the exterior, the home looks like a picturesque urban living quarters that is perfectly complimented by the surrounding natural area. The interior retains that aesthetic, using bright colours and wood flooring to mirror the ambiance.

See what I mean in the photos below, and you can check out the full photo series at

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