A Pit Bull Has Attacked And Bitten A Quebec Child In The Face

The child now suffers serious facial injuries.
A Pit Bull Has Attacked And Bitten A Quebec Child In The Face

It's no secret that, unfortunately, pit bulls don't have the best reputation. Of course, dog behaviour has more to do with the owner than the invidivual breed. But that hasn't stopped municipalities across Quebec from attempting to completely ban the dog.

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TL;DR A pit bull has attacked a girl in Gatineau, Quebec leaving her with serious facial injuries. The dog is now in the custody of the city. Officials will decide if it will be euthanized. 

Because fear already surrounds just the idea of the breed, it's easy for people to become terrified when one of the dogs actually does attack an individual. Unfortunately, this is the case in Gatineau, where a dog has bitten a child in the face.

According to the Journal de Montreal, the dog was indeed a Pit Bull. The attack took place last Thursday night at a home where the child's family was throwing a ball to the dog, which is when it attacked her and began to bite her face.

There are no other details. Perhaps the dog misunderstood the nature of the game. Police are still unsure if the dog belonged to the family of the child that is now suffering serious facial injuries. 

After the attack, authorities also discovered the owner has broken several municipal by-laws, meaning they could face thousands of dollars in fines. In Gatineau, dogs must be vaccinated, sterilized, and trained if they fall under the classification of potentially dangerous dogs. 

Surprisingly, the criminal charges against both owner and dog have been dismissed. The dog remains in the custody of the city, where officials will decide whether to euthanize it.

This past summer, another child was attacked in his stroller by a pit bull in Gatineau. Parents are blaming the city for not enforcing regulations strongly enough, a negligence which they believe led to both attacks.

The future for the pit bull is unclear as of now. Stay tuned for more information on the laws surrounding the dog breed in Quebec.