A Plateau-Mont-Royal Bakery That Looks As Sweet As Its Baked Treats

À La Folie on Mont-Royal avenue is bland while being vibrant.
A Plateau-Mont-Royal Bakery That Looks As Sweet As Its Baked Treats

Photo cred - Dezeen.com

Carefully crafted baked goods can be just as beautiful as any piece of jewelry, and 100 times as tasty. Any good bakery should showcase their delectable products as much as possible, much like a jewlerry shop would, which is exactly what À La Folie on Mont-Royal is doing, with great success.

Designed by Atelier Moderno and Anne Sophie Goneau, À La Folie doesn't have the colourful and warm atmosphere seen in a standard bakery. Instead, the walls and furniture are all grey and black, which would seem a little grim, if not for the the vibrant sweet treats inside the bakery's steel display cases.

In tandem, À La Folie's the colourful macarons, pastries, and tarts are accentuated in contrast to the somewhat bland interior. The bakery's designers told Dezeen.com that only wanted "to show...the colour of the product," a decision that has definitely makes À La Folie's selection of sweets look so much better, while also setting the shop itself apart from the many other bakeries in the city.

À La Folie's intriguing (and enticing) interior was featured on Dezeen.com, which features a lengthier Q&A from the bakery's designers. For more insight into the creative process, check out the interview here. See a sample of the photos from Dezeen's À La Folie feature below.

Photo credits - Dezeen.com

Get more info on À La Folie by heading to the pastry shop's official website and Facebook page here.

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