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An Official "Pot Party" Is Running In The Quebec Election And You Have To See Their New Ad (Video)

With election day less than two weeks away, political parties in Quebec are vying for the attention of voters.

Many Quebec residents are familiar with the four major parties in the province. Just this week, representatives from those parties participated in the first-ever English-language debate, to mixed reactions from the public.

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TL;DR The Bloc Pot, which calls for more accessible marijuana, is running the the Quebec election. Watch their new ad below.

But few know that there are actually twenty-two parties that are officially running in this election.

Among them are notables like the Parti Culinaire, an organization of chefs, and Parti 51, which calls for Quebec to join th U.S. as the fifty-first state.

But the niche party that has perhaps attracted the most attention from voters is the Bloc Pot.

The Bloc Pot extolls the virtues of marijuana and advocates for its users.

The impending legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada has no doubt bolstered the party's popularity.

On their official website, Bloc Pot representatives call for the creation of "a permanent parliamentary commission to oversee public interests in matters concerning cannabis."

The "protection of marijuana users" is another plank in their platform.

(If you're wondering, the party has vowed to not take a side on the issue of Quebec sovereignty.)

Yesterday, Bloc Pot relased its first political ad of the 2018 election cycle.

In the video, a man and woman join together in song to call for "plus de pot" and other accessible services.

According to a source, the women is an official candidate running in Vaudreuil.

Watch the video below. The song is followed by an informative segment by the Bloc Pot leader.

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