A Poutine Burger You Can Easily Make For Yourself And Your Friends

Drunk food at its very best.

A burger with a side of poutine is, and forever shall be, the greatest fast food combination mankind has ever created. Yes, even better than the McGangBang or Pizza-bun Double Cheeseburger, mostly because the former is just plain gross and the latter is a little too gimmicky. So, if a poutine and hamburger were to be combined, the result would be amazing, right? From the looks of this YouTube video, right.

HellthyJunkFood, in their ongoing series of getting drunk and making epic eats, decided to tackle the food fusion that is the Poutine Burger, and definitely succeeded. Using an all beef patty, brioche buns, tons of cheese curds, and seriously great looking fries, the burger creation looks like pure flavour perfection.

One thing the recipe gets wrong is the gravy, as the adolesent-looking cooks (are they even old enough to drink) used jarred beef gravy, instead of the traditional chicken type traditionally used for poutine. We'll let the gravy faux pas slide, this time, since the Drunk Poutine Burger simply looks so good.

Racking up a mean 526 calorie count, this burger is not for the feint of heart, or those with a history of heart conditions. See how its made in the video below.

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Michael D'Alimonte


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