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A Quebec Beer Company Just Recalled Their Non-Alcoholic Beer Because It Contained Too Much Alcohol

For most of us, the idea of a perfect Summer evening includes relaxing on a terrasse with an ice cold beer in hand. It's the beverage that can literally go with everything. Whether you're looking for a night at the bar or a BBQ with friends, beer has always got your back.

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Although there are some of us that don't drink alcohol, but still enjoy the taste of a beer every once in a while. The solution for this is pretty simple, many companies offer alcohol-free beer so you don't feel left out when your friends are gathering around for some drinks.

There's one company though that may have mayde a little mistake. And just our luck, it happens to be a Quebec microbrewery. 

Quebec's Glutenberg beer is a pretty popular choice at local bars. Gluten-free is the fad right now, so people are usually taking every chance they get to be more "health conscious", especially when it comes to drinking. Glutenberg also has a non-alcoholic line of their gluten-free formula, or well, they did have one.

They actually had a recall right before the weekend on a batch of their non-alcoholic beer. Why you ask? Well, turns out the beer wasn't as alcohol-free as you may have thought.

After company testing was conducted on certain packages, an alcohol percentage of up to 3.4 per cent was found in the beer! Sure, that may not seem like that much, but imagine the effect that would have on someone that's been alcohol-free for years. You can only feel sorry for the person who thought it would be okay to drink more than a few cans of the beverage and not have to worry about getting wasted. 

The company claims they got most of the tainted beers back before they were sold and were able to get vendors to remove the rest from stores, but there are still a few unlucky people out there who picked up the drink and are in for an unfortunate surprise. Measures have been implemented so that this does not happen again in the future.

An indicator that your beer may have been the batch recalled would be if it has a March 29, 2019 expiry date. If that's the case, you can bring the beer back to the vendor you bought it from for a full refund. 

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