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A Quebec Facebook Page That Is 100% Dedicated To Poutines is doing it so very right.

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Everyone in Montreal/Quebec is a little poutine-obsessed. Don't deny it, the cravings and fantasies simply can't be helped. Just be thankful, though, that one website makes your poutine obsession seem like the most mild neurosis, because takes poutine-dedication to another level.

Just like it sounds, is all about poutine, and not just restaurant rankings. The site features more esoteric sections like poutine art and the origins of poutine, along with more expected content like a poutine map, critiques, and poutine blog.

Incredibly community focused, PoutineWar wants to hear what you have to say about all things poutine. You can put in reviews, add locations, and share recipes. Making poutine a little more personal, you can even find out about the chefs who create your favourite cheese-fry-gravy combination.

With a name like PoutineWar, you have to expect there is an ongoing ranking of poutineries, which there is. You can check out the premiere poutines of a few Quebec areas, but obviously we want to know Montreal's top poutine contenders according to PoutineWar. Ranked one to ten (with approval ratings), here are Montreal's top poutineries on

  1. Broue Pub Brouhaha (74.09%)
  2. La Banquise (72.66%)
  3. Poutineville (72.54%)
  4. Paulo et Suzanne (72.25%)
  5. Restaurant Chez Claudette (72.02%)
  6. Le Hangar (72%)
  7. La Ligne Rouge (71.74%)
  8. Maamm Bolduc (71.52%)
  9. Orange Julep (71.33%)
  10. Chef Guru (71.28%)

Surprised at the results? Change 'em up if you don't like 'em by voting on You can also check out their rankings of top 10 poutines in Quebec here. Check out PoutineWar on FB and Twitter while you're at it.

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