A Quebec Man Has Been Arrested For Posting Islamophobic Hate On Social Media

His trial is set for today.
A Quebec Man Has Been Arrested For Posting Islamophobic Hate On Social Media

A Quebec man was arrested on Tuesday for inciting hate on social media. Pierre Dion posted a video on the second year anniversary of the mass shooting in a mosque that killled six people and injured eight more, defending the shooter. He is set to appear in court in Laval today.

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Tl;DR Quebec resident Pierre Dion incited hate online, defending Alexandre Bissonette, a mass shooter who attacked a mosque two years ago, killing six people. Police arrested Dion, who is well-known to local authorities for his hateful online rhetoric. His trial is set for today.

Bissonette is currently in jail awaiting sentencing, having pled guilty to six counts of first-degree murder and six counts of attempted murder. He will be sentenced next Friday. 

In the video, Pierre Dion defends the shooter, claiming that he has been "unjustly condemned," and that the victims of Bissonette's attacks are lying.

TUERIE DE LA MOSQUÉE | Le «troll» Pierre Dion arrêté pour incitation à la haine à cause d’une vidéo dans laquelle il défend Alexandre Bissonnettehttps://t.co/KYSGJKrYXkpic.twitter.com/zQZgEcoc6q

February 1, 2019

Pierre Dion is well-known to the Quebec authorities. In a separate incident last November, he was arrested for inciting hate online. He is a supporter of the "gilets jaunes" movement. Last week he was escorted out of a public meeting with Justin Trudeau for yelling at the PM, wearing the yellow jacket that is the emblem of the movement.

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This arrest happened a few days before Quebec premier Legault's controversial statement that Islamophobia does not exist in the province of Quebec.

In Quebec, any comment that is menacing, or which incites hate towards others, can lead to charges and arrests. This arrest has led to protests from those who believe that this infringes the right to free speech.

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