Quebec Has The Least Safe Workplaces In Canada

So many unions, such little safety.
Quebec Has The Least Safe Workplaces In Canada

For a province with strong unions, Quebec doesn't do very much to ensure workplace safety for workers.

According to a report, the province has the lowest allowable fines for employers who violate safety laws.

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Prior to 2009, fines for being unable to keep workplaces safe were as low as $16,000.

They have since been tripled, with provisions being allowed for yearly increases based on inflation.

Today, employers can be charged upwards of $60,000 for first offences, climbing to approximately $300,000 for third and later offences.

However, even with this increase, the penalties fall far short of other Canadian provinces.

In British Columbia, for example, first offenders are charged $697,625. This is increased to $1.4 million for the second offence.

Even in conservative Alberta, first offences cost employers a maximum of $500,000. Should they continue to offend, they can pay up to $1,000,000.

To make matters worse, Quebec is the only province in Canada that does not include jail time for directors found guilty of workplace safety violations.

In the past two years, Ontario has sentenced at least six individuals to jail for sub-standard workplace safety.

These factors have led to a grim situation where a Quebec worker dies every five days on the job.

Clearly, paltry fines and lack of consequences for managers and employers has created an unsafe work environment in Quebec.

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