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A Random Sheep Was Spotted In Rosemont Parc Yesterday And People Were Freaking Out

How did it even get there?!
A Random Sheep Was Spotted In Rosemont Parc Yesterday And People Were Freaking Out

This Summer has been overflowing with unexpected animal sightings in the city. From a herd of deer spotted in Anjou last week, to coyotes attacking children left and and right over the weekend. Seriously, you'd think we're in a weird Disney movie with all the animals frolicking around the city.

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Well, things get just a little more unusual. If you were in Rosemont yesterday you may have had the opportunity of seeing a sheep calmly grazing in the field. Yup, just a single sheep. Supposedly no owner or farmer in sight. 

People on the internet are going absolutely crazy over this. I mean, come on, how did a sheep even get there?! There's a couple possibilities here. One being this sheep got super bored with farm life and decided to hit the road, the most appropriate place to escape to being Rosemont parc. 

Via Rubbish_Tiger

Though the most plausible reason there was a random sheep in the park would be because of the city launched pilot project, called Eco-grazing, which involves sheep roaming the parks and munching on grass all day. The point of this is to maintain the park as naturally as possible, as well as providing educational activities for people in the city.

The only issue with this explanation is that the project was only being held in the Pointe-Claire Village... from June 11 to July 20... which can only mean one thing.

There is still a sheep on the run in Montreal.

Maybe you'll be lucky and see the little buddy enjoying their time in the city, sheep are actually said to be pretty friendly so you might even be able to get in a pet or two. Now is seriously the best time to be spotting animals in the city, so keep your eye out for unbelievable sightings this Summer!


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