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A Rare "Blue Moon" Will Be Visible Over Canada This Month

Well, even if Spring weather isn't co-operating for much of Canada, at least we can always rely on a nice full moon. And this month we've got a real beauty coming our way.

The Full Moon in May is called the Flower Moon, as full moons are named after the seasonal changes that occur around that month.

And this month's Flower Moon is ALSO a Blue Moon... nice.

Before you start hoping to see an actually blue moon upin the sky, let me break down the name "Blue Moon" for you... because it doesn't actually indicate the colour of la Luna.

The name "Blue Moon" refers to this full moon being the third full moon of the season. Our first full moon of the season was March 20th, followed by the Full Pink Moon that happened on April 19th.

And this month we'll be seeing the Full Blue Flower Moon on May 18th, 2019.

Blue Moons can vary by time zone, so you'll want to check here to see when exactly you'll be seeing it based on where you are in the country.

Though according to theFarmer's Almanac, you should be able to see it as early as 5:11 PM in Canada.

Hopefully, this also clears up that saying, "once in a blue moon," which implies a super rare event, but in this case isn't that rare. 

That said, there is also a "Monthly Blue Moon," that indicates it's the second full moon in one month, which is much rarer. The next Monthly Blue Moon over Canada will happen in October 2020.

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