A Rare Blue Moon Will Be Seen Over Canada This Weekend

It's a Full Blue Flower Moon in Scorpio!
A Rare Blue Moon Will Be Seen Over Canada This Weekend

A rare Blue Moon will be seen over Canada this weekend, and if the weather cooperates we could all experience a very beautiful lunar show. As I've explained in the past, there are technically two definitions of a Blue Moon. 

The first definition calls the second full moon in a calendar month a "Blue Moon" - and as the story goes, this definition cropped up after a novice astronomer accidentally called it so. The original, and therefore perhaps more correct definition of a "Blue Moon" is actually the third full Moon in a season, which is generally comprised of four full moons.

And that's exactly the show we're going to get this weekend - the real, legit Blue Moon. Though, I have to remind you... the moon won't really be blue... that part is still mostly just a saying.

[rebelmouse-image 26892646 photo_credit="NASA via The Weather Network" expand=1 original_size="680x221"] NASA via The Weather Network

The Blue Moon will be seen over Canada on Friday, May 18th, 2019 and will be at its fullest at 9:43 PM (EDT), according to The Weather Network

Though you'll be able to see the moon as early as 5:11 PM in parts of Canada, according to the Farmer's Almanac, the moon won't be at its peak until much later in the evening. 

The view of the Big Blue will also depend on the weather in your area... if you've got rain or clouds in the forecast, you may be out of luck this time. 

But even if you can't SEE the moon doesn't mean it won't have its impact. If you've read any of my articles in the past you may know I like to dabble in Astrology, not gunna lie, so I'm excited about this moon for more reason that one.

Tomorrow's Blue Flower Moon will be in Scorpio and that combo can make for a seriously cleansing and transformative full moon, for everyone. Scorpio is the sign of rebirth an transformation, so for the full moon, which has always had baptismal connotations, to be in Scorpio means this Full Blue Moon is a double whammy.

It can be a good opportunity to release yourself from internal burdens, sit with yourself and try to understand your inner workings better and consider ways to better reach your full potential.

The "Flower" in the name of the Blue Flower Moon refers to the season the moon occurs and what's happening around us at this time of year. Growth, change, renewal - these words are the name of the game.

And because this full moon comes on a weekend (and a long weekend, at that, for most of us) there is no excuse not to take the time you need to stop, take some nice deep breaths and consider how you're going to make your next move.

Scorpio doesn't care what you do... it's all about HOW you're doing it... and if it in alignment with who you are and what you want out of life.

Enjoy the rare Blue Flower Full Moon tomorrow night... and your long weekend, Canada!

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