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A Rare Glimpse Inside Of Google's Montreal Office

One student's point of view from Google's Montreal office.
A Rare Glimpse Inside Of Google's Montreal Office

Photo cred - Baz135 @ Imgur

Google is one of those companies that everyone wants to work for. Think of all the perks, cool bonuses, and the reputation you'd gain among the nerd community; Google beats out almost any company in Silicon Valley or Montreal's startup scene. A youth-oriented company radiating cool vibes everywhere, Google would be a dream job for many Montrealers, and since last March, when Google opened its Montreal office on McGill college, the possibility of working for Google became a reality in Montreal.

Still, it will only be a dream for most of us, and a visitation to the Montreal office is as close as we'll ever get. A pack of computer science students got to do just that a few weeks ago, and visited Google's Montreal office on a field trip. Doing the rest of the city a service, these kids snapped a few photos of the office, showing off the hip lifestyle and work space of Google employees. These computer science kids may actually have a shot at working there, the rest of us will have to make do with fantasies, and these pictures taken during the field trip. Take a look and get jealous.

First 7 photos courtesy of

Baz135 @ Imgur

What do you think Montreal? Is Google your dream job or would you want something less eccentric? Let us know in the comments below.

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