A Recall On Pork Has Been Issued Across Quebec

The product had ingredients that weren't declared on the label.
A Recall On Pork Has Been Issued Across Quebec

It seems as though lately recalls on food products have been overly abundant in both Quebec and across Canada. You would think that after the first few slip-ups by big name brands that other companies would become more cautious with their food production and safety.

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But, after the country-wide recall on something most of us have at home, spinach, it's a bit scary to go to the store and hope that you're not about to buy something that will be recalled within a few days.

You'd think that the streak of massive recalls would finally be coming to an end, right? Well, unfortunately that's far from what's happening right now. A popular meat company has just recalled all of it's pork tenderloin in Quebec.

The recall was triggered by the company Noble Grill Premium, who's recalling the item for containing ingredients that were not listed on the label. The ingredient in the tenderloin that brings concern is mustard.

This could go pretty badly if someone who is severely allergic to mustard products consumes the pork tenderloin. Fortunately there have been no cases of illness due to the product as of yet.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is currently conducting an investigation on other products made by Noble Grill Premium, which may lead to more recalls in the upcoming days.

For now, if you bought a pork tenderloin from the company with an expiry date of August 28, 2018 you may want to bring it back to the store for a refund.

For more information on Canada's food recalls, visit the CFIA recall page HERE.

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