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A Report Compares The Storm Coming To Quebec This Weekend To The Infamous 1998 Ice Storm

Get ready...
A Report Compares The Storm Coming To Quebec This Weekend To The Infamous 1998 Ice Storm
  • As we all know, Quebec weather is one of the most unpredictable things in any local's life.
  • But thanks to weather networks, we can be given warnings in order to plan ahead, and this weekend looks like it's setting out to be a bad one.
  • Find out what type of weather our province is in store for this weekend below!

With a mix of rain, ice, gusts of wind and snow, Quebec's weather is going to be nothing short of terrible for the next few days. A major storm will hit the province this weekend and could bring its share of complications. This storm will be the first of 2020 and we can say that it is not going to be easy since Météo Média it comparing it to the ice storm of 1998.

As of Friday evening, rain will begin to fall all over the province. Experts predict that this precipitation will continue and turn into ice and snow over the weekend.

A special weather report was issued this Thursday by Environment Canada indicating that "a major low-pressure system will affect Quebec on Saturday and Sunday. Moreover, this warning could quickly turn into an alert over the course of the weekend.

According to Météo Média, many fear that this storm will be a remake of the 1998 ice storm, due to some similarities.

"There is indeed a resemblance in the weather pattern: a cold high-pressure system in the north moving in tandem with a warm low-pressure system in the south. A perfect combination that is rarely seen and that favours large amounts of long-lasting rain," says the weather media.

However, the big difference between this coming storm and the one from over 20 years ago is that only one ice storm is forecasted and not several, which was the case in 1998, when multiple layers of ice had accumulated over time.

Nevertheless, the rain that will affect Quebec on Saturday and Sunday is significant and may cause some damage.

Up to 20 millimetres of ice is expected in the south and the greater Montreal area, which could cause difficult road conditions and power outages.

In fact, Hydro-Québec spokesperson Cendrix Bouchard said in an interview with Québec Matin on Friday that teams are already preparing to intervene.

"The best we can do is to follow all this as closely as possible and be ready to intervene," he explained.

The last time Quebec experienced a large number of power outages was last November when nearly a million homes were plunged into darkness for a few days.

This article was translated from French to English.

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