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Photos Of Inside Montreal's Very-First STM Metro Cars From The 1960s

A vintage blast into the past.
Photos Of Inside Montreal's Very-First STM Metro Cars From The 1960s

October 14, 1966 was a big day for Montreal, as it marked the opening of the STM metro system. What was originally 3 metro lines made up of 26 stations has grown to become four separate lines totaling 68 stations, with a bunch of cosmetic changes along the way. The cars haven't changed much at all in the last 50ish years but they've definitely felt the ravages of time, as you can see.

Courtesy of Info Métro (the twitter account all about the STM's history) the image above gives us an inside look into a brand new Montreal metro car that just hit the tracks in the 60s. The layout is nearly the exact same, and really, the only difference is how pristine the metro car looks. Again, more than half a century will do that to a piece of machinery, and if anything, the metro cars have held up pretty well.

The inside of the STM cars have barely changed since the 60s, but the exterior could have looked drastically different, if mayor Jean Drapeau got his way. Montreal's at-the-time mayor actually wanted to paint the metro cars white with a red stripe, instead of the blue with a white stripe we all know today. Info Métro let us know that cool factoid, which you can read once more through the tweet below.

— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) August 4, 2014

Montreal during the last half of the 1960s truly was a different time.Construction was in full swing all around the city, La Ronde was a retro hub of entertainment, St. Catherines was as trendy as ever, and all of downtown Montreal was grooving to the vibes of the decade. Most of us were born 30 years too late to enjoy this prime time for Montreal, but at least we got pics to see what it was like.

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