A Russian Restaurant Is Calling On Quebec To Help Them Master Authentic Poutine

There's one very important ingredient they just can't get right.
A Russian Restaurant Is Calling On Quebec To Help Them Master Authentic Poutine

It's no surprise that other countries around the world have tried their hand at recreating Quebec's favourite dish. Both a delicacy and a comfort food, for years restaurants outside of the province have been giving their best shot at creating something that could stand up to the real deal, usually failing in the process.

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You can only get authentic poutine in Quebec, there's no secret there. But who would of thought that other nations are actually begging for our province's guidance to create the ultimate rendition of the famous food? 

Better yet, who would of thought that RUSSIA would be begging for Quebec's help to create amazing poutine? 

It turns out, there's an actually food truck driving around Russia that exclusively serves typical Quebec eats. The couple calls the mobile restaurant "Poutinerie" and it's probably the only of it's kind in the entire country. The truck visits different food festivals around Russia and is seriously starting a new food trend amongst a younger audience of Russians.

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They're actually doing so well that they plan on opening their first stand-alone Quebec-themed restaurant later this year in Moscow. 

The best part is the couple is actually calling on Quebec chefs to help them master the dish. The poutine apparently isn't bad, but there's one super essential ingredient that Russia just isn't able to get their hands on: cheese curds.

Yes, a poutine is not a true poutine unless all necessary components are present. The only problem is that Russian cheesemakers have no idea how to make the elusive cheese curds. 

Other than that, considering the restaurant is arguably the only place in Russia that sells poutine, they're doing pretty well. Funny enough, they even have a menu item famously named after the Russian President Vladimir Putin. It's simply called "Putin" for obvious reasons. 

This tribute to Quebec culture in a place you would definitely not expect is definitely quite flattering. Who knows, if you ever find yourself in Russia at least you know you can grab a dish that'll be able to remind you of home. Lets just hope they've figured out how to make cheese curds by then.