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A Montreal Saint-Laurent Street "Pulp Fiction" Production Like No Other

Kicking it old school. Like, really old school.
A Montreal Saint-Laurent Street "Pulp Fiction" Production Like No Other

Fans of Tarantino's Pulp Fiction (aka everyone) should head to the Mainline Theatre (map) on St. Laurent street and see a recreation of the classic film that breathes new (or is that old?) life into the amazing plot, characters, and  dialogue the movie is known and celebrated for. Getting Elizabethan with it, Bard Fiction, running 'til September 28th, is a Pulp Fiction redux done in the style of Shakespeare, a theatrical fusion that works better than you'd think.

More Pulp Fiction-y than a full blown Shakespeare play, Bard Fiction takes all the iconic moments from the film (Sam Jackson's Ezekiel speech, the diner dance, and yes, even the graphic pawn shop scene) and condenses them into a one-hour play. The major change is all the actors talk and dress like they're from 16th century England.

One reason most folks aren't that into Shakespeare is the difficulty of the language, and all the incredibly outdated references and colloquialisms of the canon. Not a problem with Bard Fiction, as anyone who's seen Pulp Fiction will know exactly what's going on. Even if you lose track in the flowery tongue, you'll still have the original film as an ongoing line of reference, making sure you can fully appreciate the entire production.

What makes Bard Fiction truly enjoyable though, is how the incredibly old-school playhouse recontextualization gives all the best lines and moments from Pulp Fiction a new feeling of freshness. Yes, you'll be watching a play about a film you've probably seen 20 times, but the way the play cleverly recreates your favourite scenes will make for a brand new Pulp Fiction experience.

Anyone who is a fan of Pulp Fiction or Shakespeare (but if you're not a fan of both I'm seriously questioning your life choices) will find Bard Fiction to be a funny and clever homage to the work of Tarantino and good ol' Bill. The play will be running at the MainLine Theatre on St. Laurent until September 28th. Find out more here.

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