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A "Super Blood Moon" Eclipse Will Be Visible Over Canada Next Week For The Last Time Until 2022

It's one of the only celestial events visible across the country from start to finish.
A "Super Blood Moon" Eclipse Will Be Visible Over Canada Next Week For The Last Time Until 2022

So far, January 2019 has consisted of insufferable brutally cold, snowy, rainy, and windy temperatures. It's no secret that this month has been pretty miserable and full of nothing exciting or worthwhile. Luckily, that's all about to change.

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TL;DR Between January 20 to 21 people in Canada will be able to witness a Super "Blood Wolf" Moon across the night sky. The lunar eclipse will be closest to Earth on this night and possibly be a red or orange colour. It will be the only opportunity to witness this event until May 2022. More details below.

The first celestial event of the year will be arriving next week! Finally an event that will make looking up at the winter sky worth the pain! The lunar eclipse is called a Super "Blood Wolf" Moon and will be visible across Canada.

The super rare eclipse is so uncommon that after January 20th and January 21st, 2019 you won't have another chance to see it again until May of 2022. 

Let's just hope for clear skies next week, as this is one of the only lunar eclipses that is completely visible from start to finish all across Canada.

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In case you were wondering why the celestial event is called what it is, the term "Wolf Moon" comes from Native American and Anglo-Saxon origins. It's known as the "Blood Wolf" moon due to how abnormally close to the Earth the Moon actually gets, and by how orange and red it can appear under these conditions.

The special event will be visible during different times, and even different days, depending on where you are in the country. To make sure you don't miss one of the only exciting events of January you can take a look at the details and timing of the eclipse HERE.

You seriously don't want to miss watching the "Super Blood Wolf" Moon eclipse next week, otherwise you'll be in for a 3-year wait to catch the next one.

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