A (Super Not Racist At All) Map Of Montreal Showing What Languages Are Spoken In The City

Check out what your neighborhood speaks the most.
A (Super Not Racist At All) Map Of Montreal Showing What Languages Are Spoken In The City

In Montreal we're very accustomed to the language debate. But we're always talking about French and English and I for one am sick of.

Considering the level of multiculturalism in this city, it seems pretty selfish to focus on only 2 languages where there are countless other being spoken on a regular basis.

Earlier this week I stumbled upon a map that shows not only what languages are spoken in Montreal, but also where the highest concentrations of speakers live.

According to the map, the 2 most spoken languages other than French and English are Arabic and Italian, followed by Chinese, Spanish and Greek.

Photo cred - Daniel Raillant-Clark

What You Need To Know About The New Bill To Make French & English More Equal In Canada

It would recognize that French is the only official language of Quebec.

On June 15, the federal Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages, Mélanie Joly, introduced Bill C-32 — an act that would overhaul Canada's existing Official Languages Act to equalize French and English in Canada.

If passed, the new bill would defend the rights of francophone minorities in other Canadian provinces, as well as those of the "English-speaking minority" in Quebec.

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Canada Has Released Big Plans To 'Achieve True Equality' Between French & English

Minister Mélanie Joly presented a document with the government's "visions and intentions."

The federal government has unveiled a new strategy to "strengthen" and "modernize" Canada's Official Languages Act over the next 50 years with the aim of further protecting the use of French across the country. 

This subject is frequently debated — something Quebecers know all too well, as provincial officials propose changes to Quebec's Charter of the French Language and Premier François Legault's government considers "limiting the number of places" in English CEGEPs. 

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Facebook Accidentally Translated Montreal's #ZéroDéchet Initiative To #ZeroDick... LOL

When we got done laughing, we asked Facebook about its translation system.

Anglo Quebecers know that scrolling through Facebook also means scrolling through a heck of a lot of translated text. But we couldn't even be mad about a recent mix-up on the Arrondissement de Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie Facebook page — we were laughing too hard.

The post, from November 11, talks about Montreal's #ZéroDéchet initiative or #ZeroWaste in English.

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Montrealer Behind A Petition To Protect French Says It's About Its 'Survival' In The City

Their petition asking the City of Montreal to do more to protect the French language has over 10,400 signatures.

An online petition created by Accent Montréal, which asks the City of Montreal to do more to protect the French language in the city, such as only publishing municipal documents in French, has been gaining traction recently.

The petition currently has over 10k signatures.

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