A (Super Not Racist At All) Map Of Montreal Showing What Languages Are Spoken In The City

It's been awhile since language issues have been in the news and it's actually been really nice.

But now that the new language stats have revealed the English population is on the rise in Quebec, everyone's making a big deal about how nearly one Quebecer in five now speaking English at home. 

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But in Montreal, as we know there are way more languages than just french and English being spoken here. 

Last year we came across a map that shows what languages are spoken in Montreal, and also where the highest concentrations of speakers live.

Here is the map with the data from 2011.

And here is the updated map with the latest data from 2016. 

According to the map, the 2 most spoken languages other than French and English are Arabic, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish, Farsi, Creole and Greek.

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