A Super Racist Interactive Map Of Every Neighborhood In Canada

This map could use some updates.
A Super Racist Interactive Map Of Every Neighborhood In Canada

A few years back, we wrote abouta super racist Montreal map.

Someone had decided to map out every Montreal neighborhood according to racial and cultural stereotypes, and the results were received with mixed reviews. 

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But now we found a website you can use to map out the neighborhoods of various cities in Canada. 

The neighborhoods are divided by color to show you who lives there, what you can expect to find.

Of course many of the maps inevitably ended up being riddled with hints of racism.

For example, someone in Montreal was a little bit obsessed with knowing where Jewish people live. We've already spotted: Hipsters and Jews, Jews Districts, Jews a Plenty, Moroccan Jews, and "Even More Jewish".

Someone else decided to have fun and started tagging Game of Thrones locations like the Narrow Sea, Quarth, Dorne, Winterfell, Castleblack, Old Town and the Iron Islands.

And another person added some oddly specific (and borderline racist) descriptions and of certain areas such as: Arabs playing soccer, fake italians, cool people with cool bikes, and rich kids surrounded by hood.

Toronto's map is pretty entertaining.

Here you'll find tags such as: Times Square for Canadians,  hipsters with kids, the good LCBO, freeloading carless island hippies, Korean food and karaoke, and something called "do you know how much my husband makes?" 

The more you zoom in and out, the more tags you'll see.

The maps are interactive and are meant to be updated, so in case you feel like the info is wrong, or if it doesn't reflect the the city you know and love, you can always contribute and add more information to the page.

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