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A Tale Of Sexual Harassment In Montreal's STM Metro

"I was FROZEN. I didn't know WTF to do."
A Tale Of Sexual Harassment In Montreal's STM Metro

Ever since the allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein have been made public, it seems like every day there is a new celebrity being accused of inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment. 

But it's not just people in position of power who behave this way. In reality this sort of thing happens constantly whether you're out, at work, or even while using public transportation. 

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I hear many of my co-workers complaining about this sort of thing on a weekly basis. Here is but one example of the kind of inappropriate behavior that happens regularly to women in the metro. 

"Although I've experienced a lot of sketchy things throughout my life in the metro (and in the streets, and in restaurants, and in cafes, and in bars), there's always this one story that sticks out for me:

It actually took place just outside of a metro station, as I was heading in. It was nighttime so it was dark, and this guy who I hadn't really noticed before just started walking towards me. He approached and since I was young and naive, I didn't immediately get the fuck away as I probably should have.

Anyway, he gave me this super creepy smile while staring at my cleavage and asking if "they were real." I was so shocked that I didn't know what to do, so I just went "Uh... yes?" thinking that would be the end of it.

But it wasn't!

He literally reached into my shirt and gave them, like, a pretty thorough feel. I was FROZEN. I didn't know WTF to do. I was literally shocked. 

Thankfully, once he decided he was done, he took his hand away and just left. I was left alone in the metro, SHOOK and wondering WTF just happened.

Whenever I tell this story to people, they either think I'm making it up (legit, people have straight-up told me to stop lying and that this never happened... which... ok?) or say I shouldn't have engaged with this guy in the first place. THANK GOD nothing worse happened.


It's sad. Not only because this sort of thing happens all the time, but because when women tell people about it, they often aren't taken seriously.

As if going through this wasn't bad enough, afterwards you made to feel like a liar as well. It's not right, and it needs to end! 

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