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A Teen Girl Has Gone Missing In Quebec And Police Are Asking For Public's Help To Find Her

Be on the lookout in the Quebec City area.
A Teen Girl Has Gone Missing In Quebec And Police Are Asking For Public's Help To Find Her

The SPVM is asking the public to help them locate a teenage girl that was last seen leaving her home on April 3rd. 

The girl's name is Maude Vachon, she's sixteen years old and lives in Cap-Rouge, a neighbourhood Southwest of the Quebec City suburb Sainte-Foy.

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TL;DR A sixteen-year-old girl who has not been seen for five days is suspected missing after running away. Police are asking for the public's help to locate her, as they have reason to believe her health and safety are at risk. 

#DISPARITION| Le SPVQ sollicite l'aide de la population afin de localiser Maude Vachon, 16 ans qui a quitté son domicile de Cap Rouge le 3 avril dernier. Nous avons des raisons de craindre que sa sécurité et développement soit compromis. Infos:418-641-AGIR

April 6, 2019

The tweet above reads:

The SPVQ is seeking the help of the public to locate Maude Vachon, 16, who left her home in Cap Rouge on April 3rd. We have reason to fear that her health and safety could be compromised.

According to the SPVM's Missing Persons page, Vachon was last seen wearing a beige coat and black leggings. She was also believed to be wearing white Michael Kors shoes.

As the pictures above are black and white, they've also provided details about her features.

She has brown eyes and light brown hair, perhaps with highlights and is 5 foot 2 inches tall and 110 pounds.

It is suspected that she could be in the Beauport area, which is to the northeast of Quebec City. 

This is, in fact,the second time that Vachon has run away. The first time she ran away was last summer, and she was found in July in the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré area, which is right beside Mont Saint-Anne, about a half hour drive northeast of Quebec City.

It is expected that she is only travelling on foot, or perhaps by bus, particularly using the RTC public bus system. 

While she is reported as having run away, the police insist that they have reason to believe that her health and safety are at risk.

You can anonymously provide any information to the police about Vachon's whereabouts or well-being by calling their hotline: 1-(418)-641-AGIR (2447). 

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