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A Creepy New "Stink Bug" Is Invading Quebec Homes This Winter

The cold weather today is reminding me more of winter than of fall. With a cool breeze and a high of only 13 today, I'm feeling like staying inside curled up on the couch and not going anywhere. 

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TL;DR As the weather cools, there's less bugs outside, but unfortunately more bugs inside. There's a new species that has been invading homes in Quebec called the brown marmorated stink bug. It releases a stinky odor when threatened and is a serious threat to our crops.

Sure the temperatures may be dropping and we have to bundle up more, but that also means less bugs outside. 

Except, that unfortunately means more bugs...inside our HOMES! Whenever I see a creepy crawly, I freak out! Whether it's a spider, centipede, or an army of ants. Bugs are just absolutely disgusting and I like to kill them ASAP. 

Recently, I encountered the strangest looking bug in my home- it was brownish, with flecks, had long antennas, a hard shell and fairly flat to the ground. I was a bit intrigued but also grossed out because I had to kill it! 

Via Espace Pour La Vie

I grabbed my shoe to kill this odd looking bug and as I hit it, there were weird blue guts that came spurting out. I walked over to where there was some Kleenex and all of a sudden it had moved! Not only are these bugs strange looking but apparently they're indestructible!! 

This bug is known as the brown marmorated stink bug and is a native of Asia. It won't be the last I see of this bug, nor will it be for you, because it enjoys more urban areas and tends to spread out over habitats. 

They are inviting themselves into our homes during the cold weather (without us even asking- how rude), similar to the Asian lady bug. Thankfully they are harmless to humans and animals, won't be reproducing in our habitats but they do secrete a stinky odor when they feel threatened. 

The worst part about these bugs is that they can destroy our crops- fruits, vegetable and ornamental crops. This could be a serious danger to Quebec. 

This species of bug has been spotted over the past few months in Montreal and traps have been installed throughout the island (only to track the location and progress of the bug). 

What should you do if you encounter this bug? 

Be on the lookout for this odd, stinky insect!


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